Does reduce blood flow to cells reduce their ability to repair damaged DNA where mutations found in the cells are higher?

I doubt it. Your cells are very good at getting the blood they need. If your idea were true, we would see excess skin cancers and sarcomas in the amputated legs of diabetics. We don't. .

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Does a reduced blood flow to the testis reduce the cells ability to repair DNA damage of sperm cells? Hence sperm will have higher mutation rate?

No. I believe the cell would not compromise it's ability to replicate with fidelity for the sake of replication in it of itself at the cost of errors. So, if the cell were starved of oxygen, I think it would simply cease from replicating or die. So, in short, the answer to your question, I think, is no. However, I have not read or seen specific literature on your question and don't know if it exists. Read more...