What is a good multi vitamin for diabetics?

Most of them. There are a great variety of multi-vitamins that have the whole spectrum of b vitamins. At least 500 mg of vitamin c is a good idea and if it contains about 5-600 units of vitamin d it is also helpful. Minerals are probably not necessary, although some chromium may be helpful - but this is still controversial. Best to stay away from any vitamin e.
None specifically. The average diabetic doesn't need to take a multivitamin as long as you eat a well balanced diet. However, if you are older and have been on metformin for several years, discuss checking your B12 levels with your pcp or endocrinologist, as your B12 might be low. If so, you will need replacement- any brand is fine.

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My 13y daughter is type 1 diabetic. What deficiencies follow with having type 1 dm? By giving her daily multivitamin cover any vitamin deficiencies?

B12, D, E, Magnesium. These (vitamins b12, d, e and magnesium) are often deficient in diabetic patients. Your daughter needs to be in the care of a diabetes specialist and you can ask about how to address nutrition issues - do not just give otc vitamins on your own. The disease is complicated and your daughter, you and a medical team need to all work together to maintain control of it. See link in comments and best! Read more...