I take finasteride 1mg for hair loss. Can eating CHOCOLATE or frozen yogurt interact with the finasteride?

No not really but... Heavy foods can slow down the absorption of most drugs, so take your pills before eating and give it one hour to get it into your system before eating fat containing foods.

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I take propecia for hair loss. I was prescribed orphenadrine er 100mg for a calf muscle injury. Will taking propecia and orphenadrine er interact?

Here are some... Orphenadrine itself carries little known side effects or interactions. In reality, no known study has been done to specifically address your concern. Clinically, you may use both and see. To know more on drug effect and side effects, go to http://formefirst.com/NewDrugUse.html. For more on LIfe Reality, go to http://formefirst.com/onLifeBasics.html. Best wish to ... Read more...

Will taking the supplement glycerol hydromax (glycerol, silica) interact with 1mg of finasteride? I'm taking fin for hair loss. Thanks

No. The supplement you are taking is an overpriced placebo. Creatine and aerobic training will do you much more good. The finasteride is your business. If you're a supplementing bodybuilder, consider simply embracing your genetic heritage. Nothing looks better than a 31 year old man who's strong, trim, with some nice well-trimmed facial hair, probably some great body hair, and some macho balding. Read more...