Why is an abdominal CT not a good diagnostic tool for rectal bleeding and blood on stool and paper?

Most lesions are sma. Most lesions that cause rectal bleeding are either small (causing microscopic bleeding) or obvious (hemorrhoids & such). For small lesions, CT scans have a resolution limit & the smaller the lesion, the less diagnostic the images. For obvious lesions, you get much more out of a colonoscopy/proctoscopy (where the lesion can even be treated) than a CT scan. CT scans are expensive; see your GI doc.

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Hi. I have an issue with bleeding from rectum. No blood in stool, just when I wipe. There is also slight leakage. There is no pain, just slight discomfort at times. I did have a bit of constipation recently, but that was resolved. Please help.

Anal problems. These can be quite common problems. A doctor may need to investigate if the problems persist or become worse. Significant bleeding, pain or more leakage would make me concerned. A GI doctor is probably best suited to help with these types of issues. Constipation should be managed and prevented at all costs - especially if things are already inflammed. You probably know to take alot of water/fruits. Read more...
Blood when you wipe . I would say the you should probably use colace to soften the stool and fiber. You could have a hemorrhoid that needs to get checked. It is not normal to leak at your age and this should be checked as well. Please get this checked.
Good luck!