Why is my knee and leg so tired from walking I just had knee surgery and the surgeon removed 15 to25 pieces of torn cartilage behind the kneecap.

Followup. Would followup with your surgeon to discuss. It may just be a normal part of your recovery. Physical therapy may be of some benefit. Your surgeon would best know if you are making appropriate recovery or not.

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I had knee surgery to remove torn cartilage behind the kneecap now I find that my knee is not stable. Why? My knee and leg don't feel right. 3 weeks ou

Time. If you are just 3 weeks out from surgery, it is possible it may just take more time for recovery to occur. I would certainly keep your followup with your orthopedic surgeon and follow his recommendations. Sometimes physical therapy may be used as well. Read more...

When someone has arthroscopic knee surgery does the surgeon look under the kneecap?

Standard arthroscopy. It would be standard practice to examine the medial, lateral compartment of the knee as well as the patellofemoral compartment, or under the kneecap during every arthroscopic procedure. Read more...