Can you get pregnant 3 days after ovulation?

NO. You can conceive from 5 days before ovulation until 24 hours after ovulation. The trick is to be sure exactly when you ovulate.
Unlikely. There is likely a small statistical probability, but in general the ovum is only viable for up to 48 hours following ovulation.
Pregnancy Risk Times. The most likely times to fall pregnant are a few days before ovulation (the sperm can survive a few days) to 7-10 days after ovulation. That assumes you have regular periods (usual is around 28 days between start days of periods), so you would usually ovulate at day 14 after the start of the period.

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Can you get pregnant 3 days after ovulation? I've taken 2 tests 5 days early and both are negative.

No but maybe. You cannot get pregnant 3 days after ovulation, the egg is not viable to fertilize. It may be possible to get pregnant 3 or more days after apositive opk, because the test doesn't really pin the ovulation precisely. Read more...

Can you get pregnant having sex 3-4 days after ovulation?

Fertility. As long as we are talking about the release of the egg from the ovary as your definition of ovulation then no, this is not when pregnancy occurs. Sperm have to be in the vagina prior to ovulation to cause pregnancy. Read more...
Technically no. Technically, the egg doesn't hang around for 3 days after ovulation; However, the trick is knowing exactly when ovulation occured. This is difficult unless you are getting an ultrsound every day in a fertility clinic. Otherwise there is a lot of variation as to when ovulation occurs. Preventing pregnancy by timing intercourse to avoid the fertile window has a high failure rate. Best wishes! Read more...