My vitamin d level is 12. My face is bloated since a few years. My thryoid, creatinine, cortisol etc are fine. Is the swelling due to my deficiency? I

One way to find out. Low Vit. D causes many imbalances.
Face bloating isn't a classic symptom of low D, but it's possible it's connected. Whether it is or not, it's important to correct this for your overall health. When your D levels normalize you will see if your bloating improves. Most adults need 5-8000 iu of D3/day. Aim for levels of 50-80.
PS could also be side effect of your meds.

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My vitamin d level is 13. Does vit d deficiency cause facial swelling??

No. B"sd No not a reason for facial swelling Quite low levels very low are common, significance is unclear. "Correct" level of vitamin D are quite arbitrary - usually given as 30 but as low as 15 may be fine. Some recent studies also suggest higher levels may even be harmful. I would check your calcium and parathyroid hormone levels (PTH) as elevated levels usualy reflect Vit D deficiency. Read more...