What causes arrhythmia?

Causes of arrhythmia. An arrhythmia can be caused by a number of things. This includes certain conditions such as:
heart failure
• heart valve disease
inflammation of your heart (myocarditis)
• thyroid disease
• high blood pressure
• a heart attack
• coronary heart disease
• chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
• Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome – an electrical abnormality in the heart that can cause SVT and atrial fibrillation

The risk of developing an arrhythmia increases as you get older, and you may also be more at risk if you’re pregnant or recently had heart surgery. Some types of arrhythmia may be caused by particular triggers, such as alcohol, caffeine, smoking tobacco or cannabis, and certain medicines.

Often it may not be possible to find a cause for your arrhythmia. It’s important to remember that having an arrhythmia doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a serious heart problem.

Related Questions

What causes atrial arrhythmias?

Many causes. First off, need an ultrasound (echo) of your heart, because structural abnormalites of the heart are the first big cause that needs to be eliminated. If your heart is structurally normal, then the other big cause for atrial arrhythmias is diet and drugs -- especially any caffeine or diet pills. Finally, sometimes it is just idiopathic -- which means we cannot find a cause. Read more...

What causes an arrhythmia in an elderly patient?

Rarely known. The incidence of arrhythmia rises with age. Underlying structural disease can increase the risk and significance. Deficient circulation (ASCVD) can be responsible. Electrolyte imbalance, thyroid XS, stimulant drugs, and various other medications that affect cardiac conduction can contribute. That said, in the majority of people, no cause is discovered. It just happens. Read more...

What can cause bigeminy arrhythmia?

Caffeine, Stress. Many healthy people have a type of irregular heart beat called pvcs (premature ventricular complexes) which are almost always harmless. When a premature beats occurs after each normal beat, it is called bigeminy. In susceptible people, caffeine, stress, and low potassium or magnesium can bring out bigeminy arrhythmia. Read more...

What? Can cause bigeminy arrhythmia?

Arrhythmia. Usually this means ventricular bigeminy and that relates to irritability on the bottom of the heart. Can be because of things such as stimulants like caffeine, nicotine, cocaine. It can also be related to heart disease so you should discuss with your doctor. Read more...

What could cause a slight arrhythmia at sudden changes of position?

Intrathoracic pressu. Slight arrhythmia or palpitation is usually benign, if brief and self limiting and not causing any other symptoms. If provoked by positional change, likely being influenced by blood return to the right atrium. Read more...
Position . Positional change can cause heart rate changes that mimic arrhythmias and should be documented . Read more...