What are the symptoms of leukaemia?

Symptoms of leukaemia. The symptoms vary, depending on the exact type of leukaemia you have and how advanced it is. You may have no symptoms in the early stages, especially if you have chronic leukaemia. Your symptoms may be mild at first and then get worse and you may feel as if you have flu. Many of the symptoms are vague, and can include:
• tiredness, breathlessness and pale skin (due to anaemia - a reduction in number of red blood cells)
fever (high temperature)
• infections that don't get better
• abnormal bruising or bleeding
• red or purple spots on your skin - called a petechial rash
• bone and joint pain (due to the pressure of a build-up of cells in your bone marrow)
• swollen lymph nodes (glands found throughout your body, including your neck, groin and under your arms, that are part of your immune system)
• feeling full or a tender lump on the left side of your tummy due to an enlarged spleen.
loss of appetite and weight loss
swollen gums, and occasionally, swollen testicles
• headaches and vision problems
• itchy skin
• very rarely, a painful erection that won't go away - this is called priapism

These symptoms aren't always caused by leukaemia but if you have them, see your doctor.

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Can you explain what are the symptoms of leukaemia?

Symptoms may be late. Leukemias are cancer of blood elements of many types but usually either acute or chronic forms,and symptoms may not appear until cancer in late stages. Usual earlier signs may include weakness fatigue wt loss but flu-like symptoms,bleeding,red spots,gum swelling,bruising,spots may be late.If Concerned,see PMD do CBC BLOOD MARKERS TESTS as these may catch early types,and may need Hematologist help. Read more...

What are the symptoms of leukaemia and in what order do they occur?

Leukemia. It depends what kind of leukemia it is and whether it is acute and chronic..symptoms occur in any order. Acute may present like bruising ,fatigue, gum bleeding, fevers and severe weakness . Chronic leukemia presents differently. Read more...

What are the symptoms of leukaemia before getting diagnosed? And blood counts of leukaemia patients

Many variations. There many different types of leukemias and the presenting symptoms vary. Usual ones being bleeding, pallor, weakness, enlarged lymph glands and fever etc. See this site for more info. http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/leukemia/basics/symptoms/CON-20024914. Read more...
Vary. There can be many presentations of leukemia and I am assuming you are talking about ALL. It could be a combination of fevers, weight loss, bleeding problems, being anemic and looking pale, getting infections. Read more...