What is normal skin?

Normal skin. The skin is made up of three layers: the outer epidermis, the dermis below this and the supporting subcutaneous layer of loose tissue and fat. Cells in any of these layers can be the origin of a cancerous growth.

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What is the normal skin surface temperature? Internal is 97.5-98.5 most days. Chest temperature is usually 93-95 and warm to the touch is that norm?

It can vary. In the clinical setting, the most common sites of temperature measurement are the underarm (axilla), rectum, mouth, ear (tympanic) and the forehead; each sites has its own range of normal values. Measuring tactile temps at various points on the body with give you a variety of measurements that are generally not clinically relevant.Normal body temp is approx 98.5 but can vary from person to person. Read more...