What are the symptoms of fatty liver?

Symptoms of fatty liver disease. Fatty liver disease often has no symptoms, particularly when it’s mild. However, you may feel tired, or have pain and discomfort where your liver is – on the right side of your body just under your ribs. This pain is caused by a growing amount of fat inside your liver, which makes it expand, stretching the sensitive membrane that covers your liver.

As fatty liver disease progresses, your liver may become scarred and develop cirrhosis. If you develop cirrhosis, you may notice other symptoms such as:

• a swollen abdomen (tummy)
• itchy skin
• vomiting and bringing up or passing blood
bruising easily
• confusion or poor memory
• weakness and muscle wasting
• yellow whites of your eyes and skin (jaundice)

If you develop any of these symptoms, contact your doctor straight away.

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