What will happen during colonoscopy?

What to expect. If a sedative has been given, the procedure will not start until it has taken effect. With you resting comfortably on your side, the colonoscope will be carefully inserted into your rectum.

Air will be passed through the tube and into the colon to make the lining easier to see. When this happens, you may briefly feel pains similar to having wind. You may also feel that you want to go to the toilet, but as the colon is empty, this will not be possible. You may pass some wind, but do try not to feel embarrassed about this, as the staff expect it to happen.

At the end of the colonoscope, a tiny light and lens enable the doctor to see if any disease is present. If necessary, the doctor will take a biopsy of the colons lining for analysis. Any polyps that are found can also be removed. Both techniques are quick and painless, using specialist instruments that can be passed inside the colonoscope.

When the examination is finished, the colonoscope is removed quickly and easily.

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What happens during a virtual colonoscopy?

Virtual. You are in a cat scanner, with air and sometimes contrast pumped into you. Unpleasant and not as accurate as a regular colonoscopy. Also, if something is found, youmwill need a colonoscopy anyway. Read more...
CT. Virtual colonoscopy involves a bowel prep just like a regular colonoscopy. However, rather than a scope inserted via the anus to look at the inside with a camera, air is infused into the colon and a ct scan obtained. The radiologic images give a 3d picture of the inside of the colon to determine if any polyps or other ptoblems exist. If they do, you will still need a colonoscopy to check them out. Read more...