How is meniscal tear diagnosed?

Diagnosed meniscal tear. The doctor will be diagnosed meniscal tear from history taking, physical examination, imaging and diagnostic arthroscopy include:
• X-ray
X-ray will not show up the tear in meniscus. However, it can be used to exclude other differential diagnosis.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI):
MRI makes use of the radiofrequencies in magnetic field to produce visualized images of body structures. It can detect wear and tear in meniscus.
• Diagnostic arthroscopy:
The doctor may offer your knee arthroscopy as an adjunct to diagnose and treat meniscal tear. This is a minimally invasive surgery and done via 1-2cm skin incision around the knee.

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Is there a way to diagnose a meniscal tear without a mri?

Surgery. While a physician may have a high certainty that the meniscus is torn through physical exam, the only 2 methods to diagnose a meniscus tear are with an MRI or surgery. Keep in mind, some meniscus tears may also be missed on an mri. Read more...