I have an earlobe infection in my right ear piercing, could that cause my right lypmh node on my neck to swell?

Skin & lymph nodes. Yes, a skin infection can cause swelling in a lymph node nearby. When infection happens on the skin, certain immune system cells go from the skin to nearby lymph nodes to recruit more immune system cells to fight the infection. Since the lymph node is busy making more cells to fight infection, it gets bigger and can sometimes even be tender to touch. It will go down after infection is resolved.

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Possible infected ear lobe from ear piercing? I got my ears pierced on christmas eve for a christmas present. I am very religious about cleaning the piercing. My right ear lobe now has a ball inside the the lobe and has drainage on the backing to the earr

You. You very likely have an infection, and given the duration of symptoms and lack of progress, I would reccomend an antibiotic that is considered safe in pregnancy. Your doctor can review safety in pregnacy studies with you at your visit. The definitive way to make that diagnosis would be for your doctor to obtain a sample of the discharge and culture it. You may also be having a reaction to the metal in the post of the earring, so switching metals (higher carat gold is a good choice) may help. Good luck mark lacambra sand point internal medicine.
Ear infection. Your ear is infected, and your cleaning is not clearing it up. Sometimes that is not enough. Try using some triple antibiotic ointment (available at any drugstore without a prescription). If it doesn't clear up in 2 days, please see your doctor or prompt care physician.