Can a 3wk old patella sleeve fracture (X-ray) that wasn't treated yet look Like a calcification on MRI?

Yes, a bony fragment can be avulsed off the inferior patella, and also reparative calcification is present as the injury attempts to heal. The injury should be obvious on MRI if it is relatively acute. If calcification is the only finding, it is unlikely to be a recent fracture.

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Child had X-ray showed patella sleeve fracture but MRI said it was calcification not fracture how is that possible to mix up? Injury 3wks before MRI

A fracture. fragment is calcified, and healing response causes calcification, so every fracture will results in some type of calcification that can be seen on xray or MRI. MRI is more accurate than xray for evaluating patellar sleeve injury or fracture, and there are other causes of calcification next to the patella. Read more...