Hie im a 20 year old guy and have multiple diastema with 4 gaps between my front teeth. I would like to know which is the best treatment option?

Treatment Options. Since treatment plans depend on a number of factors, including your bite, size of your teeth and diastemas, budget, and timeframe for completion of care, it would be best to consult with a local dentist who can actually examine you, listen to your desires, explain your options, and discuss fees.
Many. Modern Dentistry has many treatment options for you, from Orthodontically closing the spaces (moving the teeth together) to Restorations to reshape the teeth. After an examination your Dentist can guide you, evaluating with you the pros and cons of each solution available to you.
Diastemas. There is no one best option. Each case is different. It is best to see a General Dentist for a consultation who can clinically evaluate you and along with x-rays, study models and a consultation with an Orthodontist discuss your treatment options.