I was hit by a ball at age 12 just above the foot, below the shin. 14 years later fluid had built and I've begun experiencing restless leg syndrome.

Cause and effect?? It is hard to imagine that the injury and the restless leg syndrome now are some how a cause and effect situation. To remove all doubt, have your leg examined as well as validating the potential causes for restless leg syndrome.

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Toes bend backwards and the arch of the foot twists, ankle becomes rigid and swells at line of ligament, can't walk. Restless leg syndrome?

Doubt it. This sounds more like carpo-pedal spasm, or more simply "charley horses." the muscles of the ankle and wrist are prone to these problems, which can come on spontaneously for no reason, or can be associated with excessive muscle activity in exercise without adequate stretching, as well as too low a level of either potassium, calcium or magnesium in the blood. If it is recurrent, see your doctor. Read more...