Husband with alcoholic cirrhosis is very jaundice, fatigue, and stool for two days is white. What can be done?

Sorry to hear. of your husband's trouble...the MOST IMPORTANT "start" dealing with this situation is the complete PERMANENT CESSATION of ALCOHOL in any form! Much of the liver damage may be REVERSIBLE .. Your husband should seek help with DETOX...(If he is already SOBER...vitamins and good nutrition and time may lead to reversing the symptoms/signs . If he continues to drink he will die!

Hope this is helpful..Z.
Love him. Whatever the circumstances, the two of you have stayed together. If this is alcoholic hepatitis and he is abstinent, he may recovery. He may wish to be seen by his physician in case this is a common duct gallstone or tumor involving the biliary system -- if so, and if his cirrhosis does not make surgery impossible, there's hope. If he is nearing his end, be there to comfort him. Be strong.
Needs to be seen. I'd recommend being seen by a Hepatology specialist or GI doctor as soon as possible. If it is end stage cirrhosis, unfortunately the only long term solution is a transplant. At this point, mostly all we can do is treat the symptoms and complications of the underlying illness. Hope this helps.

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