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Can I take hairfinity vitamins while breast feeding my 10 month old baby?

Overall the opinion. Is No you do not need to be taking Hair vitamins while you are lactating, though any harmful effects on the baby is not immediately known. It IS known that any vitamins you take while breastfeeding WILL be transferred to the baby, especially the fat soluble ones (ADEK). Most women grow hair faster while they are pregnant or lactating anyway as part of the natural effects of progesterone.

Is it safe to take 2500mcg of biotin vitamins when breast feeding?

Unknown. There is really no data on whether high doses of biotin are safe while you're breastfeeding. Because it is unknown, I would not recommend taking it unless the biotin was prescribed by your doctor. Most over the counter biotin supplements are not necessary as it is extremely rare to have a biotin deficiency.

I am 5 days away from having a baby, what is a good diet plan to follow? And I will not be breast feeding so is there certain vitamins I should take?

Veggie-rich, consider. I recommend a diet rich in organic fruits & veggies, nuts & seeds, esp. Green veggies that are rich in magnesium. Avoid GMO foods- see http://bit. Ly/19XAX7E Continue your prenatal vit. PLEASE consider breastfeeding- even only a few weeks protects your baby from many serious illnesses & has life-long health benefits- if you love your baby give it this irreplaceable gift! See http://bit. Ly/1lceHGV.

Can I take a hair vitamin while I'm still on prenatal vitamins and also breast-feeding.

Should be okay.. as long as it is a naturally occurring vitamin that would normally exist in the body. If it is artificial, even without knowledge of the exact substance, I would recommend against putting in your body while you are breast-feeding your child. Just know that whatever you are trying to do to help yourself with these vitamins may very well end up working on the infant as well.

Always tired. Really need vitamins to boost my Energy. I'm also breast feeding. What vitamins would be best to take?

Prenatal Vitamin. Prenatal vitamins are best especially if you are nursing. Even though you are postpartum and are most likely fatigued due to sleep deprivation, I would have a checkup by your OB/GYN to have blood work to evaluate for anemia, vitamin level (B12), and thyroid level.

Should u stay on a prenatal vitamin while breast feeding? Is it necessary?

Depends on you. The breast will prepare milk for baby by extracting nutrients from you, your bones/diet/etc. The prenatal vitamins actually protect you more than they do baby. If you want to be stooped over with osteoporosis in your golden years because of calcium & nutrient loss through breast feeding, skip them. Great grandma would have liked to avoid it if she could, you have a chance to.

I am breast feeding. Can I use vitamin a+e?

Yes. Use them with their regular daily recommendations. Both are fat soluble and storeed in the body so using massive amounts can cause problems.