I had a molar extracted in July. I developed a dry socket. It was packed with medicine. Started healing slowly now a small piece of bone shows again?

Incomplete healing. With a dry socket, excess inflammation can become present within the tooth socket. With this excess inflammation, the tissue within and surrounding the tooth socket can have changes within of the blood flow to the tissues. With these changes, incomplete healing can occur due to surface dying of the tissue. This dying of tissue can leave painful exposed bone.
Dry socket. Was the socket packed with a medicated paste infused gauze strip? Did you return to the surgeon periodically have the strip slowly removed? No one knows your treatment history better than the General Dentist or Specialist Oral Surgeon who treated you. Please return to him/her for reevaluation.

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I had a lower molar extracted a month ago. I developed a dry socket. They packed it with medicine and 3 weeks later I still see bone. Healing?

Revaluation . Usually it should be healing with soft tissue covering the exposed bone. You should have the exposed bone evaluated and treatment rendered. Read more...
Dry socket. It may be the packing material. It should have been removed before this. Please return to the Dentist or specialist Oral Surgeon that placed the packing for a reevaluation. Read more...