Woke up with the worst pelvic pain & cramps I've ever had. Almost went to ER, but eased off after about 20min. Now moderate pain on both sides of pelvis & spotting. Is this my ovarian cysts rupturing? Do I need to call my GYN or can I ride it out?

Most likely. Always good to keep your GYN informed.
Also, would be good to know about your menses, date of last menstrual cycle, sexual activity, contraception, results of pregnancy test if appropriate, other symptoms such as fever----
Certainly, if the pain is recurring, getting worse, etc, need to be seen.
Ovarian cyst rupture. If able to walk without being dizzy, and normal appetite,
can be ok.
I would let your doc know, as well.

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I have pelvic pain went to ER for severe pelvic pain dr said ovarian cyst ruptured and this has been two days and I still have severe pelvic pain could there be other problems?

The . The pain is likely due to free fluid in your stomach/pelvis that collected after the cyst ruptured. This can be very painful, and often requires strong pain medications until the fluif starts to be reabsorbed. If your pain has not subsided by now, see your doctor for a follow up. All the best. Read more...