Have gone through chemo for nonhodgkins lymphoma should I take the flu shot?

Yes. Flu shot has killed virus and will not do any harm unless you are allergic to eggs. Please note that flu shot is not 100% effective even in normal people and your response may be even less, still having said all that, it is important the you take the flu shot. If you have not taken pneumonia vaccination, and shingles vaccine, you should take those also.
Wish you good health!

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Can you take a flu shot during chemotherapy treatment?

Flu shot during chem. We do suggest that our patients receive the flu shot, but to schedule the shot in between treatments, at a time when the white blood cell count is close to normal. The vaccine is made from an inactivated virus, so there is no risk of getting the flu from the shot. The vaccine works by causing the body to produce an immune response against the flu virus. Faulty immune system on immunity. Read more...
Not the nasal kind. You can get the injected (killed) flu shot but may not have as robust a response as those with a normal immune system. The nasal vaccine is alive and risky for anyone on chemo. Read more...