Would an ultrasound of the neck, abdomen, and pelvis show swollen lymph nodes, if present? I had all 3 and supposedly none were found.

Most of the time . Ultrasound can pick up enlarged swollen lymph nodes in neck,abdomen,pelvis and other parts of the body. If lymph nodes are enlarged best follow up with CT scan to confirm their presence and other pathological conditions .

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I have had 2 swollen lymph nodes on side of my neck for 3 months and just found 2 in my groin. All hard except one is soft and size of a bean. None hu?

See MD. You need to see an internist and have a full exam. These nodes can turn out to be nothing more than a few hypertrophic ( enlarged) nodes or a host of other aliments. In any event a real history physical and labs are required. Read more...