What will a MRA for a splenic artery aneurysm show? Will it pick up any other unknown problems like tumors etc in other organs?

Possibly, but since the technical parameters are tailored for MRA and not for evaluating other areas or organs, the sensitivity/accuracy would not be high enough to reliably rule out various other abnormalities.

Related Questions

Can an MRA for a splenic artery aneurysm follow up pick up other new problems like start of cancer or tumors and if so what parts does this test see?

Anatomic parts. The scan is an image of the body part and thus may see a lot of things. But you should best wait for the result instead of worrying over things that may not even happen. Splenic cancer is very rare although the spleen itself may enlarge due to other disease conditions. Stop worrying. Read more...

What areas are evaluated during a MRA for a splenic artery aneurysm? What other organs do they show like ovaries or colon?

Just blood vessels. The "a" in MRA stands for angiogram, so they are looking primarily at blood vessels. While they might see the spleen, left kidney and some of your intestines and stomach it will not be in great detail. And unless they ordered the study to extend to your pelvis it will not show your ovaries or uterus. Read more...