I went to a clinic and got a pregnancy test done, it was positive. I went to the ER. They did a blood test and it was negative. Could I be pregnant?

Great question. The sensitivity of tests can vary a great deal. This results in what we call false positive and false negative results which vary with the sensitivity and specificity of the tests. In a case like this I would repeat the tests in one week. That will usually result in both tests agreeing. Either way, be safe and follow healthy guidelines. Good luck!

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I had a urine pregnancy test done at my family doctor and the result was a weak positive and the blood test was negative. What does this mean?

Urine misread. Probably the urine was misread or a strip that was truly unequivacle or read as "weak positive." in theses cases a confirmatory blood test was performed appropriately which was negative. If your period does not come, you can repeat the blood test in 2 weeks to be safe, and then await for the next period, if that does not come. Get secondary ammenorhea work-up. Read more...

4 pregnancy test positives (first response early test & ept) today. Also had qualitative blood test today but negative. Could I still be pregnant?

What did your doctor. What did the physician caring for you tell you? It is hard here to be asked a question as if you are testing us to know if your physician told you the truth. Either you had a nonviable pregnancy or the tests are incorrect. Your physician who is testing and examining you will know that truth. Read more...