Lower disc pain in my back, slight numbnes and nerve pain at R foot, then both feet, L-MRI is normal, Neurologist and ortho says normal. I'm not comfort?

Numbness. A bulging or herniated lumbar disk causing numbness in both feet is highly unusual. Peripheral neuropathy is a more likely cause.Tests like an EMG, vitamin b12 level, hgbA1c(diabetes test), thyroid studies may be considered. Discuss this with your physician or neurologist.

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Back pain right foot nerve pain, numbness in both feet, specially when bending moving object running, MRI is normal Is that common? Should I have x-ray?

MRI of what?? The symptoms you describe could be from your lumbar spine! If your spine MRI is normal the next step would be a visit to a Neurologist! Another xray would be useless! Hope this helps Dr Z. Read more...