Is it healthy for teens to drink protein powder and no worry about kidney stones?

Nope. Depending upon goals a balanced diet should suffice in assuring plenty of nutrients regardless of growth stage. Adding protein is commonly used to build muscles fast, which should never be the goal as strength is to be built slowly with gradual exercise. Hydration remains critical, specifically if extra protein is added to diet.
Marginal value. Protein powder supplements are of questionable value for otherwise healthy adults. They may be useful for sick people who do not eat their normal meals well .
My advice to you is avoid any supplements but focus on eating healthy meals which contain ample proteins. Learn that the proteins are found in meats, eggs, milk and mild products(like cheese) and plant nuts(Almonds, Walnuts) and soy pr.

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When I was about 2 I had a kidney stone due to calcium. I'm 17 now so if I drink protein shakes with 480mg of calcium, can I get one again?

Kidney stone. Hi, taking enough calcium in diet prevents Oxalate to build up in body and can prevent Calcium Oxalate stones to be formed. But make sure not to exceed more than 1000mg a day including your diet, try to get most of ur calcium from diet. decease your Animal protein intake.Drink plenty of water, avoid food high in Oxalate and Phosphate. Read more...
Electrolyte status? It is important to know more about why the original stone happened. Is there a metabolic error in how your calcium gets excreted in the urine, or concentrated in the bloodstream? Are there other concerns (i.e. renal disease, hyperparathyroidism) that affect your calcium balance? I would avoid any excess/supplemental calcium for now in favor of a regular balanced diet and more data from past PCPs. Read more...