Is activated charcoal an effective treatment for flatulence?

Depends. My best recommendation is first to avoid foods like legumes, chickpeas, lentils etc. activated charcoal may afford relief. A product here in the USA is a non prescription agent called "Beano" Very safe to take. You may also consult with your family physician to recommend a dietician for you to consult with.
Yes, however. You might want to consider simethicone tablets ( Gas-X or Phazyme-125 ) and or/Beano.
Charcoal. Charcoal primarily used to prevent absorption of substances from overdose.
I have seen it help stomach acid. I am unaware of any use at relieving flatulence.

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Has anyone with IBS found the use of activated charcoal tablets to be a useful treatment?

Yes. We have a hard time treating ibs. Many things are contributing to the discomfort and charcoal(used in moderation) if helpful, is probably O.K. Read more...

Can daily activated charcoal pills help relieve chronic gas pain from IBS (no specific food causes the gas). If so how many mg & at what time of day?

Activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is used to trap toxins in the intestinal tract but can be used to treat abdominal gas buildup and bloating. Read the instructions on the jar of powder but usually 500 mgs are prescribed about 1/2 hour before the meal with a glass of water and then drink another glass of water after the meal. Your pharmacist can also advise you about this medication. Read more...

Is it safe to take activated charcoal daily to help reduce bad smelling gas?

This is safe. This is a good option, another option is Chlorophyll which is a plant extract that helps plants use sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide to energy. Both are good options. Read more...