Can a hot shower or weather aggrivate spinal stenosis and its symptoms?

Unlikely. Many symptoms may feel worse depending on mood, llife satisfaction, and innumerable other psychological influences, and the weather can certainly have effects on these things. However, weather almost certainly has no direct effect on spinal stenosis or its symptoms.
Not usually. It would be very unusual for this to cause an objective change in the stenosis. Subjectively, of course, you could feel something different from the heat, but that may more relate to decreases in muscular tone and/or spasm that may be associated with the stenosis.

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Can hot shower or weather aggrivate numbness associated with spinal stenosis or disc problems?

In some. patient's a hot shower can be very helpful !

Also in some people CHANGING weather or RAINY Weather ( thought to be a barometric effect) can make symptoms worse.

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R there other explanations for foot to tingle with hot shower or weather besides ms? I have anteriorlisthesis and spinal stenosis. No other mri finding

A spondylo is - - a cause of lower leg symptoms, depending on the degree. They can B developmental or traumatic or stress related, & by stress it means some repetitive hyper-extension activity. Younger females who R pushed into swimming @ a young age, or gymnasts . In men interior line men can get it.A hot shower is not related 2 tingling but weather can effect the spondylo., as it is a degenerative disease. Read more...