Spot Urine creatinine rising...has gone from 15 mg to 121mg. ..can't find normal range? Is that abnormal? Trace protein Serum creatinine was normal.

Means nothing. Nothing whatever. Your body puts out a constant amount of creatinine proportional to your skeletal muscle mass. You dilute it by however much water you drink. It's reported so that other substances, similarly diluted or not, can be reported "per gram of creatinine".

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My lab reports are serum creatinine 80, GFR 72, and creatinine clearance 69.9. my 24 hr urine creatinine was 6.9 and spot urine 2.2. What does it mean?

Not much. You're 55 years old and -- congratulations -- a recovered problem drinker. Unless you're especially fit or heavily-muscled, your creatinine may be a bit high and maybe your kidneys are getting old -- but this level is perfectly compatible with good health and if you had serious kidney disease, it would be a lot worse by now. Eat sensibly, stay fit and I bet your kidneys will last a lifetime. Read more...