I am experiencing frequent urination, sudden urge to urinate and genital sores.

See MD. You need to see an MD immediately please. The MD will do a pelvic exam and take a sample of your urine for testing. You should be tested for all STDs. Empiric treatment will be given based on your exam. I would recommend going to Urgent Care or the ER. In New York, there are free clinics. Stay calm you will be okay.


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I am experiencing genital sores. The following also describe me: Pain with urination and Fever. What should I do?

Could be std. [sexually transmitted disease;std if sex active, possible herpes, see a dr. for viral and bacterial cultures, could have uti too , need antibiotics probably pap smear too , then can do all on urinalysis [stdand uti check ] but need pap to check for hpv and cervical cancer. Read more...
See doctor. It is not feasible to provide a meaningful opinion without examining you and your symptoms warrant evaluation by a physician. Wish you good health. Read more...