What is the main cause of gout?

High uric acid. Gout results from uric acid building up in your body.The most common cause of high uric acid is due to your body not getting rid of it properly. This could be because of your genes, your weight or kidney problems.
Sometimes, high uric acid is caused by what you eat and drink. For more info, please visit https://www.healthnavigator.org.nz/health-a-z/g/gout/
Healthy lifestyle. the cause of gout is elevation of urate in the blood, urate is produced by the breakdown of certain foods.
the high levels of urates deposit in the joints and give pain, can also deposit in the kidney and cause kidney stones or decrease in the kidney function
gout is more common in obesity, high blood pressure, excess alcohol , excess meat, sea food. kidney disease, fasting, overeating, and injury.
Gout. The main cause of gout is the body's inability to get rid of uric acid which is a breakdown product of many foods and drinks we ingest. It is more common in young men but women may get it as well as they age. It can cause severe joint pain and swelling. Left untreated it may cause joint damage. This is one of the most common diseases I see and would be happy to do a consult if needed.
Uric acid. High uric acid levels are what cause gout but not everyone with high uric acid gets gout. The risk factors you can do something about are: being overweight, a diet rich in meat and seafood content, alcohol-containing beverages (especially beer and distilled spirits), fizzy drinks and fruit juices high in fructose or sucrose content, certain medications for high BP e.g. bendrofluazide, frusemide.
Too much uric acid. Gout is caused by the body's inflammatory reaction to monosodium urate crystals (uric acid) in a joint. Diet plays a major role in gout. Foods like red meat, liver, and shellfish and beverages like red wine and beer can elevate uric acid levels. Some people do not eliminate uric acid well from the body and this can also lead to gout attacks. Medications are available to decrease uric acid.
Gout . Gout occurs due to accumulation of uric acid in joints . This can be worsened by certain food in diet , dehydration .
Uric acid. Main cause is uric acid build up. Usually a large component is genetic tendency - some people will make or not excrete uric acid as well as others. On top of this then certain particulalry western lifestyle practices and some medications can then play into this tendency to precipitate a gout attack. Your GP can assist with ongoing management and decision re whether to have uric acid lowering.

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What are the main causes of gout?

HIGH URIC ACID. High uric acid causes gout that can happen due to number of reasons, like diet high in purines, genetic predisposition or kidneys not able to excrete uric acid as a result there is high uric acid level in blood. Read more...
Uric acid excess. Some people over produce uric acid, some under excrete uric acid through the kidneys. In both cases, uric acid over accumulates in the blood stream and spills over into the tissues. There, the uric acid precipitates causing gout. Read more...