Feel awful since 1994-6 virus. No work last 3 yrs. Meet CDC criteria cfs/me. Normal endocrine, heart, gi, lung, neuro, psy except asthma, bp, diabetes/2, minor platelet hi/lo, sleep apnea/cpap. Next?

Chronic fatigue . Being in cambridge, you have access to the smartest doctors in the world. If you have exhausted all the medical diagnoses they can think of and no viral or autoimmune diseases have been detected, it might actually be time to try something really different but definitely harmless, like hypnotherapy or reiki. These types of healing may help you cope with your situation, or may actually help you.
Cleanse. Try a good cleanse and green juicing. Then follow up with good gut bacteria. Visit www.Drnatura.Com and www.Effervess.Com for more information.
Functional med eval. With our polluted environment and poor diets this has become a common issue! find a functional medicine doc in your area at a4m.Com using doctor locator function. They can help you find cause for fatigue - usually environmental toxins, food allergens, and metabolic derangements. Then you can live a normal life rather than take meds that just mask symptoms and cause side effects! it is treatable!