Can to much proteen give you hives?

Unlikely. There are no reports in the medical literature linking hives to a high protein diet.
No. But if you have allergy it is usually to specific proteins. Food allergies could include the proteins in milk, egg, peanut, soy, beef, chicken or others. So, if you are having hives, see a board certified allergist for evaluation and possibly some allergy testing.
No. It is not "too much protein" but "foreign proteins" (or the type of proteins) to your immune system what causes an allergic reaction.
Hives. We don't know the answer to that. Hives are the baskin robbins of disease. They come in 31 flavors and all different shapes, sizes and causes. Only way to know if protein is the cause is to completely eliminate it from your diet and see if they go away. If so, then it might be the protein. If they stay, then it isn't the protein. Then it is time to see your allergist.
Hives. Unlikely too much protein can cause hives unless the protein that one is consuming is the allergic trigger. Seeing an allergist to test for the the specific proteins that one is consuming may help.