Can a cancer patient use herbal life shakes?

Yes you can. But herbal life shakes are not likely to help you in controlling the cancer. tell us about your cancer...what type and stage is it? Are you taking conventional treatment or not?
It should be fine! Make sure to check with your radiation oncologist if you are receiving radiation. The level of anti-oxidant (Vitamin A,C,E,selenium and Co-Q 10 could be high)

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Can a cancer patient use herbal life shakes for nutrition?

Jest eat normal food. Normal healthy food is the best. This should include low fat foods of Plant origin. Animal meats are harmful. Fruits, veggies and grains are healthy for human consumption. Plant nuts are also good for your health. Read more...
Protein. it will be beneficial to use shakes with a protein/carb combination to allow for better nutrient intake if food is not tolerated well - balanced things like ensure of lifegain works well. Read more...