Why is my period watery? Not pregnant

Blood. Blood can take on different appearances. If you feel this is different than your normal menstrual bleeding you can schedule a visit for an evaluation. If you are having your period at the correct time and it is not heavier than usual than you may want to just monitor it and see how the next cycle goes.

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My peread was 3 days late and when I git my period it was lught pink and watery ever sunce my stimic is getting heard could I be pregnet?

We do not guess. We do not live in a world where we guess when it comes to pregnancy. I doubt that you are pregnant. But, you must get a pregnancy test, to confirm this. Please get a test and then we can discuss what to do next. Read more...

Okay. I had unprotected intercourse. N now my period is watery instead of thick. D blood is dark red. Does that mean I am pregant. N is that possibl?

Hard to say. Have you missed a period? Are you breasts unusually tender? Do you have "flu" like symptoms. Do you have a feeling of pelvic fullness? Do you have nausea? Best way to know is to do a pregnancy test at home or if see your pcp or gyn and discuss. Menses can be different and you not be pregnant. The reverse is true too! just do a test! be sure and be safe. (watch out for the unprotected sex). Read more...