Did a breathing test today all tests were 80s to 100s % Range overall good. Small airway was 72 is that bad? Is it normal to get your heart rate up and pulse and not feel pounding heart beat in chest? Scared for a year Lump feeling throat weak pulse.

Normal. Your spirometry results appear ok. Many people with rapid heart rates do not feel palpitations or forceful beat. Lump sensation in the throat is quite characteristic of anxiety. If your blood pressure, heart rhythm and heart rate are all normal, I doubt that you have a truly weak pulse. You should consider stress management therapy which I feel will relieve your symptoms. Discuss this with your MD.
Detailed history. It sounds like you have a complex situation and have already had extensive testing. These little text boxes are not big enough to go through all the details, which is what a doctor would need to be able to help. You might consider a second opinion inbox consult here on HealthTap where you can share the records of your tests and have them reviewed.