Friable mass on cervix. No hpv diagnosis. Last pap a year ago was normal. Getting a biopsy. What could the mass be?

Polyp. It may be a polyp arising from the glands in the cervical canal. It is likely that the whole mass would be removed, rather than a biopsy.
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Have had HPV for 2 years my pap came back lsil I have a visible white lesion on my cervix I can't get a biopsy (pregnant) what can it be if not cancer?

Abn pap and pregnant. When i see a white lesion on cervix and abnormal pap, i take a biopsy.The bleeding from a v small bite on the cervix can and will be controlled and it does not affect the pregnancy.Once we get the pathology you will have your answer. Read more...
Not Cancer! Lsil – low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion if this is the first pap smear showing lsil, the recommendation is to repeat it again in six months. The lsil lesion is a sign of dysplasia due to hpv infection, but it is mild and usually transient. Even if hpv is present, it does not usually effect the fetus. Read more...