Son 16yo. Hx of general idiopath mycologic seizure frm 8mo til approx 2.5yo. Took Depakote 3-4yrs. Seizure free off meds 9 yrs. HPV vaccine safe?

Yes. There should not be a problem but you should consult with your neurologist who knows your son's history to be sure. .

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Son 16yo. In Oct. He is 9 yrs. Seizure free. Off Depakote 7 yrs now. No seizure activity outgrew seizures. Want him to get HPV vaccine, is it safe?

I would. give it to my own kid with this history. The shot does hurt more than some, but the benefits to him and a potential spouse over his lifetime make it a good investment. I don't consider the distant seizure history a reason not to. Read more...