Red rashes on glans penis and inside foreskin. Red patches and itchy. I live in a hostel.

Balanitis, phimosis. This is due to a tiny amount of URINE trapped under the foreskin. Yeasts and smegma bacteria ferment the urine into irritating products. Circumcision is a quick and easy cure. Castellani solution is very effective. Always hold back the foreskin during urination and hold back for a minute after. After urinating rinse off or blot with a tissue.

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Sore red rash on glans penis & forskin. Rash comes & goes but always uncomfortable. Tested for STDs & treated for balanitis. Had 2 UTI in 7 months.

Dermatitis. While infection with yeast is the most common culprit, if this has been ruled out you may have genital psoriasis. Keep the area clean, dry, minimize trauma, and try a low-dose topical steroid. Your treating doctor may need to consider a biopsy if the site does not clear. Read more...