I have redness on the roof on my mouth, on the sides, and on the inside of my bottom lip. There are some white marks in my mouth that easily come off when touched. Parts of my mouth seem bloody under the skin and it hurts to yawn and swallow.

Redness. Do you have any redness anywhere else? Have you vomited recently or had a virus or fever? Are you a smoker? Could be yeast infection and need Rx. Please send a photo to be sure it is not serious.
Lesions. Should be evaluated by your Dentist. If necessary, Dentist will also want you to see an ENT. Can't diagnose you with just your bare=bones description. You actually need to be physically examined. Please call your Dentist.
Evaluation . It may be viral or your body's reaction to allergic substance. It also maybe your body's immune system damaging your body. Have it checked and possibly a biopsy done to diagnose the problem and to determine type of treatment needed. .