Tight chest coughing continuously and white thick phlegm?

Cough. This is too little information. This can be because of an infection or asthma. Also depends if you smoke oor not Please discuss with Gp or call smart health for further discussion .
Problematic . The combination of symptoms could mean that a simple viral upper respiratory chest infection is now tracking lower down into the lungs. The shortness of breath and tightness could indicate development of an early pneumonia. You need to visit your nearest Accident and Medical Clinic for further evaluation and treatment.
Chest. Possibilities include viral and bacterial infection as well as asthma can often give a productive cough sand tight chest. Best to see your GP to examine you and sort through these possibilities. Should be seen urgently if trouble breathing .
Infection? Pneumonia? If your symptoms are severe see a doctor. Rest fluids, panadol and ibuprofen may help. If you smoke this would be a good time to quit. Over the counter cough preparations may help but would pick the cheapest one.

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Just getting over cold and now have a cough, tight chest and feels like phlegm on chest and my chest feels cold and wheezing?

Viral lower resp.inf. Although what started out as an upper respiratory tract viral infection, now appears to have migrated downward into the lower respiratory tract causing bronchitis or even pneumonia. Strongly suggest you consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment. Read more...

What treatment would you recommend for a cough? Slightly tight chest, some phlegm and "hollow" sound to cough.

Pharmacist. Any Pharmacist would be able to suggest something to ease the symptoms provided it is not a serious infection. Prospan, Bronchol, Mucospect are examples of what could help. . Read more...