I have a herniated disc in my neck c4-5. The ortho dr is urging me to have an epidural or at the least trigger point shots. The chiro is saying no. Is physical therapy good for this or adjustments?

Diagnosis first. The injections are to confirm clinically what the pain generator is he is trying to figure out what pain is coming from where , the disc causes refered pain but usually not tenderness confirming the working diagnosis for pain is alwys a good idea.
What r your symptoms. If you are having mainly neck pain, physical therapy is the first step. Steroid injections can be appropriate if there is severe pain radiating down the arm. However, if the pain is tolerable, hold off on injections initially. I would recommend massage therapy and stretching over trigger point injections at first. Aggressive chiropractic adjustments in the neck must be used with caution.
Listen to the ortho. A chiropracter, despite what they would have you believe, does not have the expertise to advise you appropriately. Go on line and find out how many people in the us have spinal cord damage from manipulation. Listen to expert orthopedist with lengthy education and experience.
No right answer. If it comes to surgery generally speaking necks do a good bit better than low backs do hope you get feeling better soon check your vit d level and get it up to >50 which will help a little bit of everything.