I suffer from dry eyes MGD, dry skin dermatitis on my face from dehydration due to low body fluid. How can I rehydrate my body back to normal?

Up Fluid Intake. Start drinking about 10 glasses of liquid with some salt a day..Here is a recipe for such a drink, https://tinyurl.com/y76ssp2v. You can also use a commercially available drink. You should be feeling better within days. You will gain weight from doing this and also start urinating a lot. If you gain weight, but don't increase your urination or get out of breath, see your doctor ASAP.

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Been suffering from dry eyes MGD for 1 year, and dry skin Dermatitis on my face. Can dehydration be the cause? I dont drink enough water for years.

Many treatments. MGD can be aggravated by fluid deficiency and you have self diagnosed low fluid intake which you can correct. This is an area of eye treatment that has undergone significant improvement in the last 5 years. See an ophthalmologist for updated treatment. Read more...