I son is 6 years old from the last 1 year he is having worts on his finders. I am visited many doctors but none of them is able to cure it. What I do?

Aspirin, 5fu (fluorouracil) Topical wet Aspirin with tape changed every few days will slowly shrink the wats. Topical prescription 5 fu crean such as effudex or flouroplex is very helpful in slowly shrinking multiple warts without the pain of freezing. Cantharone. Is a chemical which applied by a dermatologist causes the warts to fall offf.
Warts on child. Sometimes children are emotionally traumatized by wart treatment. If you do nothing they will eventually go away. Any scars are due entirely to treatment. You must decide which is worse: the warts or the treatment. There are many ways to treat warts because none of them is very good. Still, sometimes it is worth the effort.