Is it true that folic acid and green tea supplements help fight cervical dysplasia and HPV? Any side effects?

Adjunct only . The claims about green tea are based on Petri dish work. I think it's rubbish. You will pee out any folic acid beyond that your body needs. HPV is ubiquitous but if you have dysphasia and do not comply with treatment that is essentially 100% effective if done on time, it can cost you your life. Be discerning and good luck.

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Can daily doses of vitamin c, selenium, & folic acid improve the body's defenses against hpv? What about a decaffeinated green tea extract supplement?

I doubt it. Claims that particular vitamins / minerals "strengthen the immune system" are created by advertisers with little or no real science. Anyone who believes miracle claims for decaffeinated green tea is reading uncritically. I hope you will manage hpv scientifically; it's a real danger to life if ignored but can almost always be dealt with by today's evidence-based medicine. Thanks for asking. Read more...