Vaginal itching. Day 4, slightly improved. No smell, discharge, or frequency of urination. What is it?

Here are some... Watching what underwaaer or what detergent or agents you have used is worthwhile to do since something allergic to may be the culprit. How to put all possibly related things together in right way? Follow suggestion in articles listed in Although no instant conclusion could be derived, it is known what you reported seems nothing serious & self-limiting.
Yeast infection. Vaginitis that is itchy is usually a yeast infection. Can use OTC products from pharmacy. If not better see doctor for pelvic exam and cultures.

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2 utis within 5-6 months july and december with burning and blood. After intercourse I have frequent urination no blood or burning. Vaginal itching.

UTI. Is not uncommon in women to get uti's more frequently than men. You know the symptoms. It seems common for women to get frequency of urination after intercourse and in fact some men, the itching especially after antibiotics could be fungal infection, that is a time to see your doctor for treatment. Read more...

Hi, I've recently have been experincing wierd vaginal itching white discharge, burning while urination. And irritation around cliterous.?

Needs testing. The most likely cause of this group of symptoms would be a vaginal yeast infection. Over-the-counter yeast medications are available and should fix the problem. I would also want to test you for herpes. This seems less likely but could also explain the symptoms. Read more...