A indian man aged 28 yrs complains of pain at the back of chest with shift to right lower chest. No h/o of trauma. High grde fever present. Probable dx?

Infxn or neoplasm. The fever would point to a infectious or neoplasticism process. Depending on exposures, tb, malaria, dengue fever among others. Solid tumors can rarely present with pain and fever. The info provided would lead to a very broad differential diagnosis.
TB, HIV, lymphoma. Because of his ethnicity and age, infectious etiology is more likely than malignant one. Need to rule out tuberculosis, hiv, empyema. Cancer is less likely but still a possibility (lymphoma).
No. Lots of questions asked like "what is causing this strange pain?" but you aren't going to get a good answer to this problem online. Chest pain has hundreds of possible causes that vary by your age, gender, health history, behavior, habits, where you live etc., if you have chest pain, put down the mouse and see a doctor.