My girlfriend has HSV-1 genital herpes from a previous relationship. What kind of risks to my health am I taking if I were to contract it?

Low risk. You are at low risk. Unlike genital HSV2, genital HSV1 tends to recur infrequently and asymptomatic viral shedding (i.e. in the absence of symptoms) is uncommon. Therefore, sexual transmission of genital HSV1 is uncommon. Also, there is a 50:50 chance you already have HSV1orally from childhood. If so, you are immune to a new infection anywhere on your body.

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If I tested hsv 1 positive but it is in my genital area do I consider myself to have genital herpes or just oral herpes?

More info needed. What kind of test was done? A positive blood test for HSV doesn't tell where on the body the infection is located. If you had a genital sore, blister etc that tested positive, then you have genital herpes due to HSV1. Read more...

Would test result show positive for genital herpes 1 if there was no sign of symptoms ie sores? How often do HSV 1 show symptoms? Will it ever stop?

Herpes. There are two types of herpes, type one (oral) and type two, (genital). 90% of people infected with herpes do not have sores or outbreaks. The only reliable testing for herpes is a blood test. Read more...