CMV igm pos. Igg neg. Numbness tingling eye floaters rashes. All other infectious disease neg. Can CMV cause all this? 27 year old male. Help! Thanks!

False positive IgM? IgM antibody testing often is unreliable for many infections, including those caused by herpes-group viruses like CMV. At your age, you are at very low risk for a new CMV infection, and CMV would not cause symptoms like you mention. Your IgM test probably is a false positive. I wouldn't worry about it.
Possibly. IgM pos, IgG neg means as you know means active infection. In immunocompetent people such as you I am assuming, it causes a mono syndrome. The eye is rarely involved. Floaters are nonspecific. You need someone to look in your eye. Numbness could be a consequence of your infection with a good prognosis. Tell me more, are you tired? are your nodes up? Are you immunocompetent?

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I have CMV IgM negative and IgG positive. Am I contagious to other people or to my partner? Thank you!

No. IgM is the antibody that you develop when you have a new infection, this is the one that is contagious. IgG means that you have been exposed to the infection and have developed memory immunity to it. Read more...